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Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

What is Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation ?

The terms delayed ejaculation (DE) and retarded ejaculation (RE) mean either the inability to ejaculate, or ejaculation is difficult to achieve. Some men can achieve ejaculation during masturbation, but not during sexual intercourse.

Most men ejaculate within 2 to 4 minutes after the onset of active intercourse. Men with retarded ejaculation may be entirely unable to ejaculate in some circumstances (for example, during intercourse), or may only be able to ejaculate with great effort and after prolonged intercourse (for example 30 to 45 minutes).

Retarded ejaculation is the third most common male sexual disorder after erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Diagnosis of Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

In situations where the delayed or retarded ejaculation condition is causing concern, it is normal practice for a physical examination to be conducted by the doctor for organic causes to be ruled out before other treatment options are considered. If the man is unable to ejaculate in a reasonable length of time with some form of stimulation (as with masturbation), it is a good indicator that organic factors are likely to play a role in the problem.

Other causes may be due to excessive alcohol consumption, some recreational drugs, or serious spinal injuries.

If, however, the man is able to ejaculate in a reasonable period of time by some form of stimulation, then it may be that the cause has a psychological reason.


Treatment of Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

If the man has never ejaculated through any form of stimulation (such as wet dreams, masturbation, or intercourse) in his life, the doctor will check for a congenital or physical abnormality.

For ejaculatory problems that occur quite suddenly in men, who have not previously suffered from this problem, but who have recently been put on certain medications by their doctor, particularly anti-depressants, a change in medication may cure the problem.

Unfortunately in other cases these is no is instant cure, but treatment is available if couples are well motivated, and persevere with, what can be long term, therapy and counselling.


I may have Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

If you have any concerns relating to this condition, or any conditions described on this website, please contact the Sunshine Clinic by telephone to arrange an appointment with Dr Sood, on 0845 505 0552

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