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  • What is Anorgasmia
    Anorgasmia is defined as the failure to achieve orgasm (climax). For some women it is not well defined, but may include failure to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, or possibly even during masturbation. For some women, reaching orgasm is extremely important and sought at every sexual encounter. For others it seems less important and sometimes of little relevance, some women can be quite content without it. An important issue is the male partner's understanding of the female orgasm. He often feels that, like him, his partner cannot fully enjoy sexual activity without orgasm, and this can put enormous pressure on the woman to achieve orgasm. Classification of anorgasmia: Primary - Orgasm has never been achieved Secondary - Orgasm has been achieved in the past Absolute - Orgasm impossible in all situations. Situational - Orgasm impossible only in certain situations.
  • Diagnosois of Anorgasmia
    The doctor will discuss the particular symptoms in each case, including a detailed patient history. This will help to eliminate a variety of causes, such as: Medications Recreational drugs Alcohol abuse Gynaecological conditions Once these factors have been eliminated, then psychological factors would be explored, through a series on non-judgmental questions.
  • Treatment of Anorgasmia
    If the underlying cause is organic, then a suitable treatment will be advised, which may include: Change of existing medication or dosage Elimination of alcohol or recreational drug based factors Treatment of the underlying Gynaecological condition(s) If these are not the primary causes, then treatment may involve the following process: Self exploration Masturbation Sensate focus Use of vibrators Resolution of unconscious fears of orgasm Distraction Exercises to heighten sexual arousal Transfer to heterosexual situation Orgasm on sexual intercourse. A considerable amount of couple therapy is helpful, during which sexual education, sexual myths, and a greater understanding of a partners needs can be discussed.
  • I May Have Anorgasmia
    If you have any concerns relating to this condition, or any conditions described on this website, please contact the Sunshine Clinic by telephone to arrange an appointment with Dr Sood, on 0845 505 0552
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