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What is Prostatodynia ?

Prostatodynia is a condition where you have an awareness of pain in the genital area, which could be severe enough to stop you from working. It is a diagnosis of exclusion, when all other possible conditions have been eliminated. It is mostly referred to as pain in or near the prostate gland.


Diagnosis of Prostatodynia

There is no definite test for this condition. When other conditions causing similar pain are excluded a diagnosis of prostatodynia is entertained. It is a common condition affecting one third of cases where men experience long-term prostatic symptoms, which can include:

  • pain on erection or ejaculation

  • low sex drive

  • low semen volume

  • impotence

There may be a problem with the nerves supplying the prostate gland. The Doctor may carry out the following tests:

  • full clinical examination of the genital area

  • swabs may be taken from the end of the penis to rule out bacterial infections

  • a urine sample may be necessary

  • a blood test to check for any changes.

If no infections are detected, and blood test results are within normal limits, then a diagnosis of prostatodynia is usually made.

Treatment of Prostatodynia

Prostatodynia can be difficult to treat and a range of treatments may be tried, depending on the results following a consultation with the Doctor, which can include:

  • tranquillizers to reduce muscular spasm in the gland

  • acupuncture

  • laser irradiation

  • muscle relaxant drugs

  • anti-spasmodic drugs

  • psychotherapy and counselling, and relaxation techniques

Lifestyle recommendations include a reduction in:

  • alcohol

  • smoking

  • caffeine

As these have be known to trigger attacks of prostate pain.


Treatment of Prostatodynia

If you have any concerns relating to this condition, or any conditions described on this website, please contact the Sunshine Clinic by telephone to arrange an appointment with Dr Sood,  0845 505 0552

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