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HIV Test

HIV Test in Birmingham

Birmingham has one of the highest rates of HIV in the West Midlands area. The most prominent factor in successfully managing HIV is getting tested early and treating it appropriately. Our team of highly trained experts have extensive knowledge of sexual health and can provide excellent medical advice and support to patients at our intimate and private clinic. We can test patients for HIV ten days after being exposed.

Why Choose Sunshine Clinic?

Sunshine Clinic is Birmingham's leading sexual health clinic that offers confidential space for clients and quick test results. Our service is discrete and compassionate in a sanitary, modern and Care Quality Commissioned clinic; assured that you're in the best hands. Our highly skilled professionals offer a friendly and non-judgmental service to ensure that your experience with us runs smoothly as possible. Our priority is to provide you with efficient results and the best medical advice and expertise. Sunshine Clinic has assisted numerous clients in Birmingham confidentially and efficiently. We aim to offer clients peace of mind by delivering medical recommendations and arranging professional referrals when required.


HIV Testing Options​

Upon arrival at our clinic, you will be required to take a finger prick of blood or a swab sample for your HIV test. The results will be available quickly while you wait and be given to you by our doctor in a private room. We offer a range of HIV tests listed below:

  • ​Rapid HIV Test - This test is highly accurate and generates results in 20 minutes while you wait, and it is ideal for detecting HIV exposures that occurred more than 26 days ago.

  • HIV 28-DAY DUO Test - This test provides accurate HIV test results for exposure that occurred at least four weeks ago. Results are available on the same day our laboratory receives your sample. The HIV DUO test integrates HIV antibody and HIV antigen test, which enables us to detect any HIV detection quicker than a traditional antibody test.

  • HIV 10-Day PCR RNA Test - This test provides accurate results for exposures that occurred at least ten days ago. However, this test is less accurate than HIV Duo testing, but it can give you peace of mind sooner. We suggest you follow up on this treatment 28 days later with a DUO test. Results take three working days from the day we receive your sample at our laboratory.


Get In Touch​

Get in touch with our dedicated support team to book your consultation today! Sunshine Clinic provides a clean, modern, confidential space that gives clients access to medical treatment and expertise. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, as we would love to help. Our phone lines are open 24/7.

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